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National Space Policy: Does it Matter?

May12 National Space Policy: Does it Matter? 12:00 am

Military Space and National Policy: Record and Interpretation

This report considers the evolution of U.S. national security space policy. Of course, history is not a guide for the future, but it does offer knowledge and important context for adjudicating future disputes over competing interests and policy direction. We are grateful for R. Cargill Hall’s willingness to share his thoughts and views on this […]

Presidential Decisions: NSC Documents – Supplement: Newly Declassified Excerpts

Presented herein are previously classified excerpts from the documents provided in the first volume published by the Marshall Institute’s National Security Space Project, Presidential Decisions: NSC Documents. The excerpts are organized by presidential administration and are cross-referenced to pages of the earlier volume. Declassification of an excerpt, of course, does not mean that the entire […]

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