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Space Security and Defense

Apr16 Space Security and Defense 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

America’s Space Futures: Defining Goals for Space Exploration

The George C. Marshall Institute has published a new book, America’s Space Futures: Defining Goals for Space Exploration, edited by Institute Fellow Eric R. Sterner. America’s Space Futures is an important contribution to the ongoing debate about space policy, the American space program, and the human destiny in space.  Despite broad, popular, bipartisan support for […]

America’s Space Futures: Defining Goals for Space Exploration

Dec13 America’s Space Futures: Defining Goals for Space Exploration 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Keeping Advanced Defense Technology in US Hands: A Challenge in the Period Ahead

Just before Christmas, A123 Systems Inc., best known for receiving “green jobs” funding from the Obama administration, announced that a judge approved a Chinese company’s bid to buy the battery-manufacturing firm’s assets in a bankruptcy auction. Normally, an offer to take over a bankrupt firm and put its resources to good use would be welcome, but in […]

Why Crisis Footing With U.S. Serves Iran’s Interests

Conventional wisdom holds that it is in Iran’s near-term interest to calm tensions with the West, particularly the United States. But with those tensions now rising, it’s worth considering the dynamics at work in Tehran’s relationship with the rest of the world. In fact, the Iranian leadership’s incentives may run counter to our expectations, making […]

Returning to Fundamentals: Deterrence and U.S. National Security in the 21st Century

Is deterrence a “one-size fits all” strategic concept? Can it be applied equally effectively to security challenges as diverse as nuclear weapons and cyberspace? Or do the emerging domains of outer space and cyberspace require their own deterrence strategies? These and related questions are the subject of a collection of essays recently published by the […]

Dragon in Sheep’s Clothing?

This autumn, China and the U.S. began moving toward greater cooperation in space. As China lifted a little more of the veil covering its space program, U.S. officials expressed a greater desire to work together in exploring space. Presidential science adviser John Holdren floated the idea of increased cooperation in human spaceflight last spring. The […]

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