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U.S. Shelves Eastern Europe

On September 17, the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s invasion of Poland, the Obama Administration abandoned plans to install missile defenses at the “Third Site” in Poland and the Czech Republic, arguing that Iranian progress towards longrange ballistic missiles is not as mature or developing as rapidly as the Bush Administration suggested. President Obama proposes instead […]

Airborne Laser Approaches Pivotal Test

The much scrutinized Airborne Laser (ABL), a boost-phase missile defense system, crossed more milestones in recent weeks on its way to demonstrating its destructive capability against a missile in flight. A most demanding undertaking, the ABL is a megawatt-class Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser (COIL) mounted on Boeing 747 aircraft. The ABL-modified aircraft will destroy ballistic missiles in the boost […]

Analysis of the FY10 National Security Space Budget

This memorandum briefly identifies the President’s requested budgets for major national security space programs and compares the FY 2010 request to FY 2009 and FY 2008 appropriations. It also includes information regarding the House and Senate Armed Services Committees (HASC and SASC) markups to the President’s request. The HASC and SASC reported the revised bills […]

North Korea on the Brink

North Korea’s (DPRK) five-day outburst of nuclear and ballistic missile testing offers further evidence of its ability to threaten the stability of the Korean Peninsula and the security of U.S. friends and allies in East Asia. In just one week in late May, Pyongyang conducted one nuclear and six ballistic missile tests, defying the United Nations Security Council Resolution […]

Space Launch or Missile Test?: North Korea?s Intentions in Space

Nearly one month after Iran joined the ranks of space-faring nations, North Korea announced its intention to place a communications satellite into orbit. The timing of Pyongyang’s launch is not clear, but a spokesman for North Korea’s Space Technology Committee said preparations are in “full swing” at a northeastern coast launch site. The official admission follows weeks of speculation […]

FY 2009 National Security Space Appropriations

This memo briefly identifies appropriations for the major space programs within the FY 2009 Department of Defense budget, changes between the FY 2009 Presidential budget requests and the actual appropriations, and a comparison with FY 2008 appropriations.

Persia in Space: Implications for U.S. National Security

The state-run Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported that Iran successfully launched a Safir-2 rocket carrying an Omid research and telecommunications satellite into orbit on February 2. The Omid satellite’s capabilities are not as troubling as the advanced rocket system used to deliver the Iranian Sputnik into space. Indeed, the former head of Israel’s space program, Isaac Ben-Israel described […]

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