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The U.S. and China: What ‘Common Ground’ in Outer Space?

As the International Space Station (ISS) struggles toward “assembly complete,” and as the space shuttle program lurches towards retirement while its replacement wavers in configuration and schedule uncertainties, American space officials can be forgiven the impulse to look for miracle cures for growing U.S. space program challenges. The latest fad is to imagine all the […]

Toward a Theory of Space Power: Defining Principles of U.S. Space Policy

Nearly half a century into the’Space Age’, is it finally possible to extract the principles of ‘Space Power’ in the same way that Mahan encoded ‘Sea Power’ and Mitchell, ‘Air Power’? Can national policies be chosen on a more rational basis than short-term domestic advantages, esthetics, and even whim? Oberg describes some fundamental principles that […]

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