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Airborne Laser Approaches Pivotal Test

The much scrutinized Airborne Laser (ABL), a boost-phase missile defense system, crossed more milestones in recent weeks on its way to demonstrating its destructive capability against a missile in flight. A most demanding undertaking, the ABL is a megawatt-class Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser (COIL) mounted on Boeing 747 aircraft. The ABL-modified aircraft will destroy ballistic missiles in the boost […]

Missile Defense Past, Present and Future

Comments on the evolution of U.S. missile defense policy delivered at Mississippi State University on April 14, 2009.

National Security, Energy Security, and a Low Carbon Fuel Standard

The principal aim of a low carbon fuel standard is improving environmental quality by reducing the carbon content of transportation fuels. However, proponents of this approach also claim the standard will encourage the development and use of new kinds of transportation fuels to displace imported petroleum. Reducing imports is said to improve U.S. national and energy security by decreasing dependence on volatile regions and hostile governments.

Space Launch or Missile Test?: North Korea?s Intentions in Space

Nearly one month after Iran joined the ranks of space-faring nations, North Korea announced its intention to place a communications satellite into orbit. The timing of Pyongyang’s launch is not clear, but a spokesman for North Korea’s Space Technology Committee said preparations are in “full swing” at a northeastern coast launch site. The official admission follows weeks of speculation […]

Testing Missile Defense Systems

The budgetary and political environment for missile defense is cloudy. On the one hand, large cuts to the missile defense effort are expected as the new Administration and congressional leaders refashion the nation’s defense priorities. The Obama Administration’s attitudes toward missile defense are not entirely clear. During the presidential campaign, then-candidate Obama supported large cuts to its budget, suggesting that […]

USA Today’s Editorial on Weapons in Space and the Marshall Institute Response

USA Today‘s editorial “Our view on weapons in space: Satellite shoot-down plan reignites treaty debate” followed by a response from Marshall President Jeff Kueter, “Opposing view: Space treaty would hurt U.S.”   Our view on weapons in space: Satellite shoot-down plan reignites treaty debate Ban could prevent space from becoming the final battleground. The Bush […]

Where Will the Bali Roadmap Lead?

If the roadmap leads to a stronger commitment to investment in technology and more effective global collaboration, the Bali meeting will have made a useful contribution.

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