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Our Best Response to Climate Change: Economic Growth

President Clinton has said that climate change is “our overwhelming environmental challenge…the gathering crisis that requires worldwide action.” An objective look suggests that this kind of heated oratory is a far greater problem than global warming. Over the past century, the average global temperature rose by about 1 degree Fahrenheit because of a complex potpourri […]

Supercomputers and Super Surprises

Clearly, our knowledge of weather formation has a long way to go before it understands all the tricks Mother Nature has up her sleeve.

Climate Change: Real and Imaginary

Does the world face a future where the relatively benign climate the world enjoyed during the 20th century will become much more hostile? History suggests that it may. Scarcely a week goes by without scientists announcing new evidence of massive past climate disruptions. For example, a recent paper in Nature described the historical behavior of […]

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