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Time for a Real National Assessment of Climate Change

As the year 2000 ended, the outgoing Clinton Administration released the U.S. National Assessment of the Potential Consequences of Climate Change Variability and Change for the Nation, a document clearly intended to generate increased fears of global warming and promote policies restricting the use of fossil fuels. To help citizens and policymakers appraise the validity […]

Our Response to the Sierra Club Attack on Environmental Education

Letters to the Editor Sierra 85 Second Street San Francisco, CA 94105-3441 Dear Editor: Bruce Selcraig (“Reading, ‘Riting, and Ravaging,” Sierra May/June 1998) knowingly distorts the serious work of the Independent Commission on Environmental Education by branding it a corporate funded enterprise unsympathetic to the interests of education. I say knowingly because we have had […]

National Security and Military Policy Issues Involved in the Kyoto Treaty

The threat of serious man-made climate change is too tentative and uncertain to claim equal status with existing and future threats to America?s national security. Inclusion of military operations in a climate change treaty is inconsistent with the international obligations of our military forces.

We’re All ‘Corporate Polluters’ Now

Radical environmentalists have learned that while science and economics are rarely on their side, they can always win publicity points by accusing their opponents of having sold their souls to corporate polluters. But this line, too, has run out, since it turns out that everyone-your school, your church, your children’s scout troop, the Humane Society, […]

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