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Pope Francis’ Call for Global Governance

The Pope’s encyclical appears to focus on climate change and environmental degradation but the larger focus is his indictment of capitalism and the presumed greed that it spawns, leading Pope Francis to call for a global government solution. The language in the encyclical looks like it came from the UN’s Agenda 21 and the Club […]

Flagship German FAZ Assails Pope’s “Distorted Depiction Of Civilization”…Encyclical’s Vision “A Frightening Idea”

Journalist Jan Grossarth of flagship political daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) says it all in just the first sentences of his recent online commentary here:
Where the Pope errs – The Pope’s Encyclical is chock full of criticism and anti-liberal distortions. The good of the industrial present hardly gets mentioned.”
This is quite a comment for Germany’s leading political daily, which has been consistently green and a devoted purveyor of climate alarmism.

Statement on Pope’s Encyclical on Climate Change

June 18 is the official release date of the Pope’s encyclical on climate change. CEI’s Myron Ebell provides this assessment of Pope Francis’s statements, lamenting the neglect of how energy policies that count on bad climate facts can actually end up hurting the poor and perpetuating energy poverty.

The Reemergence of the Club of Rome

In the early 1970s a group called the Club of Rome published Limits to Growth, which based on a complex computer model predicted the exhaustion of natural resources and mass starvation resulting from population growing faster than food production. All of these catastrophic events were to take place before the century.  Of course, none did. […]

Pope Francis And The Environment: Sound Theology, Politicized Science?

Some of us who live in countries and cities with good drinking water, unpolluted rivers, and who have been enjoying cleaner air, might have trouble relating to the apocalyptic tone of most of the document. The term pollution or pollutant appears over 40 times. The term crisis over 30. The poor in many parts of the world suffer daily from environmental degradation and the Pope’s words will resonate with them. Although he points the finger at some inequalities, he avoids the term social justice.

Jeb Bush says Pope Francis should steer clear of climate issue

In his first official day on the presidential campaign trail on Tuesday, Republican Jeb Bush, a Catholic, had sharp words on Pope Francis’ decision to leap into the climate change debate, saying the pontiff should steer clear of political issues.

The Pope, Poverty And Global Warming

The world waits in anticipation as Pope Francis and his advisers finalize an official Vatican statement on climate change and the environment – expected out this week. The Pope is reportedly worried about how climate change might impact the poor, and he is quite right to be concerned. But it is the environmental proposals currently being championed as solutions, however, that are the real threat. The most frequently cited policies for allegedly “dealing with climate change” – like raising prices on fossil fuels and taxing carbon dioxide emissions – would actually cause harm to energy-starved and impoverished nations around the world.

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