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McCarthyism is Alive and Well

Last week Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and Representative Henry Waxman  moderated an event hosted by the Bicameral Task Force on Climate Change. It featured panelists who make a career of attacking, sometimes viciously, industries that do not toe the environmentalist line on climate change.  One of the panelists asserted that industry attempted to cover up the health […]

Two Faces of Reality

Dec12 Two Faces of Reality 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Recent Success in U.S. Missile-Defense Testing Can Counter the Iranian Nuclear Missile Breakout

Four years ago we predicted that a potentially catastrophic combination of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles would arise in the midst of the unstable states, and confront the United States with a threat to our very existence. Recent developments in Iran show that this forecast was optimistic. The Iranian announcement that they are restarting their nuclear program elevates the […]

What is the Meaning of the Russian Wonder Weapon?

In mid-February and again in late March, the Associated Press circulated reports of a successful Russian test of a so-called “wonder weapon.” This “wonder weapon” is so maneuverable it renders “any missile defense useless,” according to statements by a Russian general at a news conference. These reports also claim the test was so profound that it “would dramatically change […]

Bush Program Offers Vision & Goal for Space Program

President Bush’s new vision outlines missions and priorities for the space program that hold the potential for revitalizing national interest in space exploration. “The scientific value for the country from a vigorous space program is immense,” Dr. Robert Jastrow, chair of the Marshall Institute, said. Jastrow was the first Chairman of the NASA Lunar Exploration […]

FY 2004 Budget Request Will Accelerate Development of Ballistic Missile Defense System

The details of the President’s FY 2004 budget request, released today, show the continued commitment of the Bush Administration to accelerating the development and deployment of the missile defense system.  

Setback Will Not Derail Momentum in Ballistic Missile Defense System

In the eighth intercept test of the Ground-based Midcourse Ballistic Missile Defense (GMD) program, the exoatmospheric kill vehicle (EKV) and its booster failed to separate, preventing the EKV from destroying the target warhead. A similar problem occurred during the July 8, 2000 test. Since then, the GMD program has posted a string of successful intercepts.  

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