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Climate Realists and Energy Optimists

By Professor Will Happer One of the latest entries in the campaign to demonize atmospheric carbon dioxide gas, CO2, is the organization RepublicEn, based in Berkeley, California. They tout themselves as Climate Realists and Energy Optimists. Someone recently pointed out that the politically correct stance on CO2 by California’s two main parties is: Democrats: CO2 […]

Will Happer, Princeton’s Galileo

Paul Budline of Princeton, New Jersey, writes: “I do documentary/video work for a living and took my camera to Princeton University last week to interview Will Happer, the physicist and climate skeptic. The resulting 4-minute video, which I put on YouTube Saturday, has been a big hit at enviro sites and FB, but it still […]

The Myth of Carbon Pollution

Oct15 The Myth of Carbon Pollution 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Climate Denier: A Tool to Intimidate

CNBC recently invited Marshall Institute Chair Will Happer, just retired as a tenured physics professor from Princeton University, to appear on   Squawk Box to address comments he had made about the demonization of CO2.  It was a good example of an interviewer, Andrew Ross Sorkin, acting like a prosecuting attorney instead of someone trying to […]

Science Behind Weather

William Happer, Princeton University, discusses the science behind tracking weather and the impact of carbon dioxide on the climate on CNBC.

Prominent Global Warming Skeptic Honored with Frederick Seitz Memorial Award

Dr. Sherwood B. Idso – the world’s leading authority on the effects of carbon dioxide on plants – will receive special recognition at an international conference on global warming taking place July 7–9 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Idso is the first recipient of the Frederick Seitz Memorial Award, an annual award established by former […]

Why has there been no Global Warming in the last decade

Apr23 Why has there been no Global Warming in the last decade 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

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