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Frivolous Partisan Politicking Costs U.S. 2 Million Barrels of Domestic Production Oil Daily

Each passing week brings more evidence that our political system is dysfunctional. Take, for example, Medicare. Weighing in at a cost of $500 billion annually, the program’s expenditures are out of control; analysts forecast its spending could grow to account for as much as 10 percent of GDP in 2080.

U.S. Unemployment Rises; Government Pushes Billions to Clean Energy Special Interests

Earlier this week, Steven Hayward of the American Enterprise Institute published an interesting note on “clean energy” investments. First, he pointed out that the definition of clean energy is not precise but generally is thought to mean solar, wind, and hydropower (although environmentalists oppose hydropower where ever it is used.)

Market Forces Drive Fuel Efficiency

Market forces should drive fuel efficiency and are. With high gas prices, new light duty vehicle purchasers are looking at smaller and higher mileage vehicles. CAFE regulations now being implemented will lead to further improvements in miles-per-gallon (MPG), but at a price–$1000.00 or more per vehicle. Before proposing post 2016 standards, the Department of Transportation should have an independent analysis conducted of how well the new standards are working and at what cost to consumers and manufacturers.

Alternatives Are Bigger Ecological Risks

Canada is the United States’ leading source of oil imports. Its production of oil from oil sands is increasing and will continue to do so independent of what the U.S. State Department does in its review.

3 Myths About Breaking U.S. Oil Habit

Former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm is touring the country to promote a national clean energy policy. Working with the Pew Clean Energy Project, she’s pushing Congress to impose a renewable energy mandate, quadruple taxpayer spending on “green” energy research, and increase electric vehicle sales.

CAFE Standards Fail to Alter Consumption

Energy choices facing policymakers call to mind a Frost poem. There are two approaches to address pain caused by high gas prices, and reason should compel us to take the one less traveled.

Congressional Researchers Warn Senate Oil Tax Bill Would Raise Gas Prices

During a 1980 presidential debate, Ronald Reagan countered a mischaracterization by President Carter with a simple — though now infamous — phrase: “There you go again.” The five CEOs summoned before the Senate Finance Committee last week could have duly applied the same line.

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