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Sony Hack: No Good Options for U.S. on Private Sector Cybersecurity

When they set out to make “The Interview,” a comedic movie about assassinating the leader of North Korea, actors Seth Rogen and James Franco likely did not realize they would spark a massive cyber attack, lead the White House to dub those attacks a national security problem or inadvertently trigger a First Amendment crisis in […]

China, Russia Resume Push for Content Restrictions in Cyberspace

China and Russia have launched a global campaign to regulate content on the Internet that, if successful, would slowly destroy cyberspace as a means of self-expression, freedom and unregulated speech. While they are still far from achieving their goals, Moscow and Beijing sense an opportunity in the outraged reaction to former National Security Agency contractor […]

America Is a Sitting Duck for Cyberattacks: The private sector’s Internet infrastructure is very vulnerable.

Here we go, beating ourselves up over the Edward Snowden-leaked National Security Agency programs designed to sort through trillions of telecommunications to find the few related to terrorism. Yet we don’t seem at all concerned about how fragile and vulnerable our huge private sector critical cyberinfrastructure, such as our electrical grid, Internet, banking and financial […]

U.S. Can’t Wait for a 9/11-Scale Attack to Act on China Cyberspying

Recent reports of wide-scale and long-term Chinese Army cyberattacks against some of our private sector technology companies should come as no surprise. Not only that, it shows that the Chinese can go against cybersystems and cybertargets of their choice, including whatever of our “critical cyber infrastructure” they select to penetrate—or shut down. After years of […]

The Pentagon “Equivalence Doctrine” Relating to Cyber War

Daniel Gallington talked to C-SPAN about the Pentagon “equivalence” doctrine relating to cyber war, which allows for a conventional weapons response to a cyber attack. Mr. Gallington also responded to telephone calls and electronic communications.

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