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Supreme Opportunity for a Supreme Correction

In 2007, the Supreme Court ruled that EPA had authority under the Clean Air Act to regulate CO2 as a pollutant.  It reached that conclusion even though Congress in the 1990 Amendments explicitly denied EPA that regulatory authority.  The Court also ignored the scientific facts that CO2 is a nutrient, has been much higher in […]

Through the Looking Glass Regulation

EPA’s mercury and air toxics regulation, indeed most of its recent regulations, takes on the appearance of Alice in Wonderland. As Humpty Dumpty said to Alice, “When I use a word, “it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.” So it is with this regulation. The Clean Air Act […]

The EPA Terminator

EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy, in a recent speech said, “we’re coming after you” in discussing criticism of EPA science from some members of Congress and so called conservative groups.  Her remarks were in response of efforts to obtain studies on which the agency has based some of its regulatory actions. If it wasn’t for the […]

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