Civic Environmentalism: A New Approach to Policy

In Civic Environmentalism: A New Approach to Policy, we look at the special strengths of civic environmentalism in meeting today’s pressing environmental needs – including examples of a thriving citizen movement that has arisen across the country. We continue on to discuss the deep American political traditions that underpin the power of civic environmentalism. Finally, we review the misconceptions about environmental policy that have contributed to our national detour away from these roots and toward failed national policies. In a concluding section, we suggest what may be done.


Marc Landy is Professor of Political Science at Boston College. He is an author of The Environmental Protection Agency from Nixon to Clinton: Asking the Wrong Questions and of Presidential Greatness. He is also an editor of Seeking the Center: Politics and Policymaking at the New Century.

Charles Rubin is Associate Professor of Political Science at Duquesne University, the author of Green Crusade: Rethinking the Roots of Environmentalism, and the editor of Conservation Reconsidered.

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