Is Cyber Terrorism Coming?

The past several years have brought an increase in attacks on computer networks.  Although some of these attacks have been disruptive and costly, few if any can be regarded as acts of terrorism.  Is the cyberterror threat serious or overblown?  On May 2, 2002, Dr. Denning assessed the threat of cyberterrorism in the light of recent developments in information technology and their use in cyber attacks.

Dr. Denning is Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University and Director of the Georgetown University Institute for Information Assurance.  Her current research encompasses the areas of cyber crime and cyber terrorism, information warfare and security, and cryptography.  She has testified before the U.S. Congress on encryption policy and cyber terrorism and has served in leadership and advisory positions with government agencies and private sector organizations.  Dr. Denning has published 120 articles and four books in this area, the most recent being Information Warfare and Security.

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