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Importance of Leadership in Space Security

Dr. John Sheldon, a Fellow at the George C. Marshall Institute, discusses the role of leadership in outer space.

Space Deterrence

Dr. John Sheldon, a George C. Marshall Institute Fellow, discusses space security challenges facing the United States and and the utility of deterrence in meeting those challenges.

Space Power and Deterrence: Are We Serious?

It is commonplace, if not universal, for defense officials and punditry to acknowledge the vital role of satellites in the maintenance and execution of U.S. national security across the entire spectrum of war. Certainly, very few would argue — and argue plausibly — that the plethora of satellites at the disposal of the U.S. government […]

Fight For Space Assets, Don’t Just Deter

If the Pentagon knows an important military system is vulnerable you’d think they would take every action to protect it, right? Not when it comes to national security satellites. Pentagon planners are looking toward deterrence instead of protection to safeguard critical services provided by space assets in times of peace, crisis, and war. Why they […]

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