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The Martian message

Folks in the space advocacy community are already angling to capitalize on the October release of the Matt Damon film, The Martian. Based on Andy Weir’s astonishing novel, the story follows the struggle of astronaut Mark Watney to survive alone on Mars when an emergency forces his crewmates, thinking him dead, to abandon him on […]

As New Space Powers Emerge, NASA More Unreliable as Partner

When the European Space Agency (ESA) successfully landed the spacecraft Philae on a comet last week, it accomplished something once thought to be the sole purview of the superpowers. In truth, the ESA—a consortium of 20 formal members—highlights a well-established and accelerating trend: Whereas space was once beyond the reach of all but the United […]

Moon’s Challenges and Opportunities for Human Space Exploration

On Tuesday March 25, 2014, the Marshall Institute and the Space Enterprise Council brought together a panel of experts to discuss the pressing scientific, technological and economic issues involved in human settlement on the Moon. The panel speakers are: Dr. Paul D. Spudis, Planetary Geology and Remote Sensing, Lunar and Planetary Institute. Mike Gold, Director […]

NASA at Another Crossroads

The American space program is at a perpetual crossroads. Every few years, policymakers reach some sort of consensus about the future. Contested though it may be, NASA creates programs to move in that direction. The science community plans for it and sets research priorities. Budgeteers begin identifying resources, and engineers start bending metal. Sometimes the […]

America’s Space Futures: Defining Goals for Space Exploration

The George C. Marshall Institute has published a new book, America’s Space Futures: Defining Goals for Space Exploration, edited by Institute Fellow Eric R. Sterner. America’s Space Futures is an important contribution to the ongoing debate about space policy, the American space program, and the human destiny in space.  Despite broad, popular, bipartisan support for […]

The Constellation Program and Future of NASA Space Exploration

Marshall Institute Fellow, Eric Sterner, discusses the demise of the Constellation program and the future of manned space flight.

Space Exploration Policy

Eric Sterner, a Fellow at the George C. Marshall Institute, discusses U.S. space exploration policy.

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