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Sterner on the Role of Prestige in US Space Policy

Eric Sterner, a fellow at the George C. Marshall Institute, discusses the importance of prestige in space exploration policy.

Five Myths About NASA

This year marks the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s speech announcing plans to send Americans to the moon — and marks the end of the space shuttle program. Today, many Americans have no memory of the moon landing, and NASA isn’t a source of pride but a budget line that needs to be […]

In space, no one hears you flip-flop

When President Obama arrives in Florida today for his space summit, he will bring considerable baggage with him. When running in the primaries to be the Democratic nominee, he promised to cancel the space-shuttle replacement program, known as Constellation, to pay for new education initiatives. As a candidate in the general election, he famously changed […]

Finding Common Ground: Reconciling Space Exploration Goals

On April 15, 2010, President Obama clarified his vision for U.S. space exploration at speech in Florida. There is much to like about the President’s desire to encourage innovation (by funding development of new technologies and capabilities that may make space exploration more effective and affordable) and stimulate entrepreneurship of the commercial sector (by ceding […]

Worthy of a Great Nation? NASA’s Change of Strategic Direction

NASA’s fiscal year 2011 budget request is a significant change of direction for the U.S. space program. As such, it makes several strategic choices for the country at a time when a growing number of countries are acquiring ever greater capabilities to use space and incorporate it into their pursuit of national interests. In a […]

To Boldly Go . . . Anywhere?

When it debuted in May, the number one movie in the country was Star Trek, the re-launch of a long-in-the-tooth entertainment franchise that long ago became a cultural icon and one of the most successful brands in entertainment?s annals. Nearly simultaneously, NASA launched the space shuttle Atlantis with a crew to repair and upgrade the Hubble […]

Presidential Decisions: National Security Council Documents

If the United States put weapons in space, would it deter or provoke others to follow suit?  What should we forgo in an effort to protect the secrets of spy satellites–Advances in science and civilian technology?  Support for military operations? Disaster relief?  Should we pursue autarky in the space industrial base or seek the benefits […]

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