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Focusing on Priorities in Human Access to LEO

nterest groups are coming out of the woodwork in the never-ending struggle over NASA’s commercial crew programs. While the battles are usually over funding and debates about the balance between commercial crew program and the Space Launch System, this time the fight concerns the government’s role and responsibilities when it comes to NASA’s stewardship of […]

Importance of Leadership in Space Security

Dr. John Sheldon, a Fellow at the George C. Marshall Institute, discusses the role of leadership in outer space.

Evaluating the Obama National Space Policy: Continuity and New Priorities

Nearly every president since Eisenhower has released a “national space policy,” outlining his views on the significance of space to American interests and identifying high level priorities intended to guide government action. Of course, the policies also are meant for international and public consumption, and so, they signal intentions and priorities meant to influence subsequent […]

Presidential Decisions: NSC Documents – Supplement: Newly Declassified Excerpts

Presented herein are previously classified excerpts from the documents provided in the first volume published by the Marshall Institute’s National Security Space Project, Presidential Decisions: NSC Documents. The excerpts are organized by presidential administration and are cross-referenced to pages of the earlier volume. Declassification of an excerpt, of course, does not mean that the entire […]

Presidential Decisions: National Security Council Documents

If the United States put weapons in space, would it deter or provoke others to follow suit?  What should we forgo in an effort to protect the secrets of spy satellites–Advances in science and civilian technology?  Support for military operations? Disaster relief?  Should we pursue autarky in the space industrial base or seek the benefits […]

Space as a Vital National Interest

For almost half a century, spacepower advocates assumed that the critical national security importance of space programs guaranteed attention at senior levels of the U.S. government. However, events over the past four years suggest that national security space continues to be treated as a second-tier issue at senior levels of the Bush administration. The administration’s […]

Saving Space – Securing Our Space Assets

The weaponization of space, recently dubbed the “question long neglected in most discussions about U.S. defense policy,” is moving to the forefront. Prompted by a recent meeting of the U.N. Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, proposed doctrinal revisions by the Air Force, calls for a White House national security directive, congressional hearings and press reports, […]

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