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Importance of Leadership in Space Security

Dr. John Sheldon, a Fellow at the George C. Marshall Institute, discusses the role of leadership in outer space.

Five Myths About NASA

This year marks the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s speech announcing plans to send Americans to the moon — and marks the end of the space shuttle program. Today, many Americans have no memory of the moon landing, and NASA isn’t a source of pride but a budget line that needs to be […]

Managing the Space Domain

Debates over space policy typically concern three themes: national security, civil space and commercial space. National security discussions have historically focused on threats to space systems and the proper steps to either preclude, or respond to, those threats. Over the past several years, however, those discussions have grown more sophisticated, moving on to the broader […]

Conduct of the Code

The European Union wants other governments to adopt its draft “Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities.”  The administration of U.S. president Barack Obama has been working with the EU on this code for a couple of years, and according to a deputy assistant secretary of state is hoping “to make a decision as to […]

Rules of the Road in Space: Does a Code of Conduct Improve U.S. Security?

U.S. adoption of the European Union’s Code of Conduct appears imminent.  Unilateral adoption of the Code by the Obama Administration, likely through executive order, is not necessary to secure U.S. interests in space and potentially undermines those interests in the long run.  In Rules of the Road in Space, Institute President Jeff Kueter examines the arguments […]

The Obama Administration in Space

Remarks made by Jeff Kueter at the Center for Security  Policy National Security Group lunch on February 25, 2011.

Unforced Errors in the New National Space Policy

The United States has wrestled with the space age’s implications since before the Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite in 1957. Successive presidents often approached space issues in clusters of national security, civil, and commercial activities. More often than not, they addressed those issues in isolation from one another as problems arose. Consequently, national […]

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