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Implementing the National Security Space Strategy

“Nominally, every strategy should describe how one would apply available means to achieve desired ends; implementation requires a proper matching of the two. Unfortunately, the NSSS, does not properly connect those dots. Instead, it lays out five areas of focus, which it hopes will bring about an uncertain end-state.” Institute Fellow Eric Sterner and Josh Hartman have […]

A Day Without Space – Remarks to NSISC Space INFOSEC Symposium

On October 25, Marshall Institute President Jeff Kueter reviewed some of the findings from the Marshall-SEC Day Without Space series at the NSISC Space INFOSECSymposium.

Importance of Leadership in Space Security

Dr. John Sheldon, a Fellow at the George C. Marshall Institute, discusses the role of leadership in outer space.

Space Deterrence

Dr. John Sheldon, a George C. Marshall Institute Fellow, discusses space security challenges facing the United States and and the utility of deterrence in meeting those challenges.

Rules of the Road in Space: Does a Code of Conduct Improve U.S. Security?

U.S. adoption of the European Union’s Code of Conduct appears imminent.  Unilateral adoption of the Code by the Obama Administration, likely through executive order, is not necessary to secure U.S. interests in space and potentially undermines those interests in the long run.  In Rules of the Road in Space, Institute President Jeff Kueter examines the arguments […]

Evaluating the Obama National Space Policy: Continuity and New Priorities

Nearly every president since Eisenhower has released a “national space policy,” outlining his views on the significance of space to American interests and identifying high level priorities intended to guide government action. Of course, the policies also are meant for international and public consumption, and so, they signal intentions and priorities meant to influence subsequent […]

Space Power and Deterrence: Are We Serious?

It is commonplace, if not universal, for defense officials and punditry to acknowledge the vital role of satellites in the maintenance and execution of U.S. national security across the entire spectrum of war. Certainly, very few would argue — and argue plausibly — that the plethora of satellites at the disposal of the U.S. government […]

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