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Adapting American Space Security Strategy

Institute President Jeff Kueter discusses U.S. national security space policy in an article in Defense Dossier, available at

Space Conflict and Norms

Dr. John Sheldon, a George C. Marshall Institute Fellow, discusses the contributions of ‘rules of the road’ and ‘codes of conduct’ in meeting the security challenges confronting the United States in space.

Space Power and Deterrence: Are We Serious?

It is commonplace, if not universal, for defense officials and punditry to acknowledge the vital role of satellites in the maintenance and execution of U.S. national security across the entire spectrum of war. Certainly, very few would argue — and argue plausibly — that the plethora of satellites at the disposal of the U.S. government […]

Presidential Decisions: NSC Documents – Supplement: Newly Declassified Excerpts

Presented herein are previously classified excerpts from the documents provided in the first volume published by the Marshall Institute’s National Security Space Project, Presidential Decisions: NSC Documents. The excerpts are organized by presidential administration and are cross-referenced to pages of the earlier volume. Declassification of an excerpt, of course, does not mean that the entire […]

Saving Space – Securing Our Space Assets

The weaponization of space, recently dubbed the “question long neglected in most discussions about U.S. defense policy,” is moving to the forefront. Prompted by a recent meeting of the U.N. Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, proposed doctrinal revisions by the Air Force, calls for a White House national security directive, congressional hearings and press reports, […]

Toward a Theory of Space Power: Defining Principles of U.S. Space Policy

Nearly half a century into the’Space Age’, is it finally possible to extract the principles of ‘Space Power’ in the same way that Mahan encoded ‘Sea Power’ and Mitchell, ‘Air Power’? Can national policies be chosen on a more rational basis than short-term domestic advantages, esthetics, and even whim? Oberg describes some fundamental principles that […]

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