Saving Space – Securing Our Space Assets

The weaponization of space, recently dubbed the “question long neglected in most discussions about U.S. defense policy,” is moving to the forefront. Prompted by a recent meeting of the U.N. Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, proposed doctrinal revisions by the Air Force, calls for a White House national security directive, congressional hearings and press reports, the opportunity for a reasoned and open discussion of the importance of space systems to the United States and the requirements to ensure the security of space assets is clearly upon us. The time is right to consider also whether those systems are sufficiently well protected, which is a concern particularly appropriate for an era of asymmetric strategies. Space systems serve human welfare, enable global commerce, and are platforms for scientific advancement. They are also ever more central to U.S. national security. The protec- tion of these assets in the future is a critical national interest.

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