Space-Based Communications: Value of Space to the Warfighter

The Marshall Institute is pleased to provide video sponsorship for the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies’ series “The Value of Space to the Warfighter.”

On May 2nd, Mr. David W. Madden, Executive Director for Air Force Space Command’s Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC), addressed a the subject of “Space-Based Communications.”

Charged with delivering resilient and affordable space capabilities, SMC provides technical expertise for developing, acquiring, fielding, and sustaining military space systems. The center is responsible for on-orbit check-out, testing, sustainment, and maintenance of military satellite constellations and other Department of Defense space systems.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Madden served as the Director of the Military Satellite Communications Systems Directorate, where he was responsible for acquiring, deploying, and sustaining the MILSATCOM portfolio of programs.

As part of this presentation, attendees also heard from a representative of the Special Operations community who discussed secure communications from an operational perspective.

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