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What Russia’s Arctic claim means for Canada

Russia has made a new bid for a vast swath of Arctic territory to the United Nations and it appears the claim will overlap with Canada’s. The area is thought to hold as much as a quarter of the world new oil and gas. Canada and Russia clashed over Arctic jurisdiction in 2007 when Moscow staked a symbolic claim to the North Pole by planting a flag on the ocean floor. Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2013 ordered officials to rewrite Canada’s claim to include the North Pole, and he has made it a priority to make yearly visits to the Arctic.

Canadian government web sites hacked in cyber attack

Several Canadian government websites and servers have been brought back online after they were taken down for several hours in a cyber-attack on Wednesday. Tony Clement, the cabinet minister responsible for the Treasury Board, said that he did not know whether any data had been taken. Hacking group Anonymous took responsibility for the attack, in a video posted online, in what it said was retaliation for a new anti-terrorism law passed by Canada’s lawmakers.

Tar Sands Interrupted – A Canadian Political Explosion

The fortunes of Canadian tar sands oil changed overnight this week. After almost 50 years in power, the Progressive Conservative Party in Alberta lost big. As in losing 60 seats. Out of 87 total.

Opinion: Renewables: All pain, little gain

BC Hydro’s planned project for a hydroelectric dam on the Peace River — known as the Site C dam — is proving to be controversial, with some industry groups panning the plan while touting renewable energy sources such as wind. One wind energy champion recently claimed “it would be a breeze for $10-billion worth of wind-energy projects to inflate B.C.’s economy.”

Cyberattackers tried to shut down the Canadian government service that synchronizes clocks: memo

Time stands still for no one, but that didn’t stop cyberattackers from trying to shut down a National Research Council service that synchronizes computer clocks. The federal research council’s Network Time Protocol service was hit with two denial-of-service attacks last year, records obtained under the Access to Information Act show.

Should North America create its own version of OPEC?

Since the 1970s, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries has set the tone for the price and production levels for world oil. Now, a hard-charging executive based in Dallas says it’s time for the United States, Canada and Mexico to join forces, flex their economic muscles and create a North American version of OPEC.

Forget About Keystone XL – Canadian Crude Is Coming

While Congress and the White House continue to wrangle over the Keystone XL pipeline extension, the oil industry is taking matters into its own hands. Markets are primed for an influx of Canadian crude oil, but with pipeline transport off the table for the foreseeable future, producers have built alternative modes to meet the demand. The problem is, recent disasters have soured legislators and environmentalists on road and rail for moving oil.

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