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What Good Is an Unenforceable Climate Deal?

With just a little over a month and a half left to go until the world’s next big climate summit kicks off in Paris, every indication is that we won’t be getting a binding international treaty, much to the chagrin of the green movement.

India, US sign MoU on energy security and climate change, increase bilateral trade

Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with US President Barack Obama next week, India and US have signed an important MoU on energy security and climate change. The two countries have also decided to further deepen their security and economic cooperation and increase bilateral trade five-fold to $500 billion.

US, China Pair Up on Climate Change

Amid questions about China’s currency manipulation and its behavior in cyber space, U.S. administration officials are highlighting common areas of interest as President Barack Obama prepares to welcome his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping to the White House later this month.

Climate issues we need to address

Battered economies continue to struggle. Investment banks are pulling out of developing countries. An already exploding and imploding Middle East now confronts a nuclear arms race and human exodus. Complying just with federal regulations already costs American businesses and families $1.9 trillion per year, the Competitive Enterprise Institute calculates. That’s more than all 2014 personal and corporate income tax receipts combined – and Obama bureaucrats issued 3,554 new rules and regulations last year.

Manufacturers fail to feel benefits of ‘green’ red tape

A recent report shows that manufacturers are not feeling the benefit of ‘green’ red tape culls and call for bolder Government action on environmental legislation. Seven in ten manufacturers (71%) say that cutting back on ‘green’ legislation is important to their business, but less than one in ten say that red tape culls to date have saved them time (7%) or money (9%).

Environmentalists Use 21 Children To Sue Obama Over Global Warming

Environmentalists and a former NASA climate scientist are using 21 children to sue the federal government for allowing the burning of fossil fuels and “knowingly” harming future generations by causing global warming.

The Green Scare Problem

Making dire predictions is what environmental groups do for a living, and it’s a competitive market, so they exaggerate. Virtually every environmental threat of the past few decades has been greatly exaggerated at some point.

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