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The EPA Doubles Down

Over the years, “agency capture” has been a staple of the economic analysis of regulation—the phenomenon whereby regulatory agencies would come to be largely controlled by the industries they purported to regulate, or at the very least would protect those industries as a cartel in a tradeoff for regulatory control. Railroads dominated the Interstate Commerce Commission during much of its early life, and for decades airlines used the Civil Aeronautics Board to stifle competition and innovation.

GOP: Climate rule came from improper green input

In a 73-page report released Tuesday, the Republicans on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee said environmental regulators have been colluding for five years with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and other green groups, which resulted in the regulation President Obama announced Monday.

President Obama’s Clean Power Plan: All Cost, No Benefit

On Monday President Obama announced the final “clean power plan” regulation for greenhouse gas emissions from electric generating plants, the centerpiece of the broader Climate Action Plan being implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency. Amid the many assertions about the looming climate crisis confronting “the planet,” about which more below, one central parameter was conspicuous by its absence. To wit: What effect on future temperatures—that, after all, is the supposed benefit of the rule—would this regulation provide?

Climate Scientists Rip Apart EPA’s Global Warming Rule

The Obama administration recently unveiled regulations further limiting carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, and some climate scientists are criticizing the rules for doing virtually nothing to reduce global temperature rises — the whole point of reducing CO2.

Obama’s EPA Rules Could Elevate Climate Change as a 2016 Campaign Issue

President Barack Obama’s climate regulations, to be unveiled Monday, are becoming a partisan political issue on the 2016 presidential trail, with Republican candidates lining up to oppose them and Democratic contenders coming out in support.

Policies to Mitigate Climate Change Could Increase Global Hunger

Whatever combination of climate solutions the world decides to implement, a new analysis in Environmental Science & Technology reminds us that all policies bear costs and unintended consequences. In the case of greenhouse gas reductions, the unintended consequence may be an increased risk of global hunger.

Obama unveils major climate change proposal

The Obama administration unveiled a major climate change plan on Sunday aimed at a large reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the nation’s coal-burning power plants. On Monday, President Barack Obama will begin selling it to the public at a White House event.

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