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Climate Change Is Not a National Security Issue

according to The Heritage Foundation’s 2015 Index of Military Strength, the recent expansion of national security priorities to include climate change may simply represent “a rebranding of domestic agendas to shift resources away from the Pentagon.” A recent study conducted by the George C. Marshall Institute supports this, stating, the “climate-security argument is dangerously overstated and designed to serve a domestic political purpose more than filling a void in strategic thinking.” Climate change, by nature, is a social issue, not a national security issue.

The Climate Skeptic’s Guide To Pope Francis’ U.S. Visit

Do Catholics have to believe in man-made global warming in order to be good Catholics? Is climate change a part of Catholic teachings now? Does the Pope’s encyclical present accurate climate science?

Bad policy will make climate change worse

The apocalyptic flavor of President Barack Obama’s Arctic speech bears an uneasy resemblance to the work of Thomas Malthus written over 200 years ago. Each outlines a model of how things are going to work out in our world.In the president’s model the disastrous events are the work of climate change, formerly known as global warming, of which greenhouse gasses are the cause. In the Malthus model, similar events are also traced back to a single cause: population growth.

U.N. Chief Urges World Leaders to Speed Up Climate Talks

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged world leaders on Wednesday to look beyond their national interests and make sure a global deal to fight climate change is agreed at talks in Paris this year.

Hillary Clinton unveils climate change policy

Hillary Rodham Clinton sought to position herself as a crusader against climate change Sunday by unveiling some robust goals, even as she continued to avoid some of the more contentious battles around global warming.

Partisan rift grows over climate change in key states

Republican voters in key swing states are distancing themselves from Pope Francis’ stance on climate change, showing a major partisan rift with Democrats on the issue, according to a new poll. The polling data, released Thursday by Quinnipiac University, looked at voters in three key swing states — Iowa, Colorado and Virginia.

Despite the ‘urgency’ of Paris climate talks, a U.N. sponsored global poll rates climate change dead last

From the United Nations “MY World” initiative, which has recorded the opinions for All Countries & Country Groups with votes of 7,679,273 at the time of this writing. The data collected so far is telling, at least about opinions surrounding global warming aka climate change. It is dead last in the list of concerns queried.

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