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Loess Plateau storage of Northeastern Tibetan Plateau-derived Yellow River sediment

New research revises our understanding of the origin of the Chinese Loess Plateau and provides a potential solution for mismatches between late Cenozoic terrestrial sedimentation and marine geochemistry records, as well as between global CO2 and erosion records.

Stalagmites Preserve 3,000 Years of Northern Hemisphere Climate

Over many years, members of the research team counted the annual fluorescence layers in multiple stalagmites. Counting these layers provides a way of building a timeline of past climatic conditions, rather similar to the way tree rings are used in the field of dendrochronology.

Arctic sea ice in the PlioMIP ensemble: is model performance for modern climates a reliable guide to performance for the past or the future?

Model tuning for the pre-industrial does not appear to be best suited for simulating the different climate state of the mid-Pliocene. This highlights the importance of evaluating climate models through simulation of past climates, and the urgent need for more proxy evidence of sea ice during the Pliocene.

Berkeley Earth: raw versus adjusted temperature data

Christopher Booker’s recent piece along with a few others have once again raised the issue of adjustments to various temperature series, including those made by Berkeley Earth. And now Booker has double-downed accusing people of fraud and Anthony Watts previously insinuated that adjustments are somehow criminal.

Alteration of Forest Tree Composition May Not be Due to Climate Change

Change in disturbance regimes — rather than a change in climate — is largely responsible for altering the composition of Eastern forests, according to a researcher in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences.

Climate change ‘secrets’ recovered from bottom of Greenland lake

Researcher and project leader, Craig Frew said: “There are less than 100 years of detailed observations of climate available on a global scale, so to reconstruct a more comprehensive timeline of change over thousands of years, one of the things we can look at are proxy records of glacier variability. … To have confidence in climate models that are designed to predict future climate we have to be able to test and constrain them using instrumental or proxy records.”

The Holocene temperature conundrum

Marine and terrestrial proxy records suggest global cooling during the Late Holocene, following the peak warming of the Holocene Thermal Maximum (∼10 to 6 ka), but climate models simulate a robust global annual mean warming in the Holocene, mainly in response to rising CO2 and the retreat of ice sheets. This model-data inconsistency demands a critical reexamination of both proxy data and models.

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