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Scientists Can’t Figure Out Why Leaf Unfolding In Europe Not Happening Earlier …(Pssst, It’s Not Getting Warmer)

In a recently published study on spring leaf unfolding appearing in Nature a team of scientists led by Fu et al found that spring leaves on trees in Europe are in fact not unfolding much earlier – as we should expect in these times of “global warming”. – See more at:

2015: The Year Europe’s Winter That Never Left …Snow And Frost Grip Continent Yet Again This Summer!

In some parts of Europe this summer it is turning out to be one that never saw winter leave. The reported here just days ago that Scotland was forecast to get snow on the ground this week – on top of the snow from last winter that never left. This means 2015 will be the year where winter never really left!

Was End of Younger Dryas Less Abrupt than Thought?

Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have found that a well-known period of abrupt climate change 12,000 years ago occurred rapidly in northern latitudes but much more gradually in equatorial regions, a discovery that could prove important for understanding and responding to future climate change.

TEX-86 proxy for past ocean temperature reconstructions challenged, possible 21°C error

An increasingly popular method to deduce historic sea surface temperatures uses sediment-entombed bodies of marine archaea, one of Earth’s most ancient and resilient creatures, as a 150-million-year record of ocean temperatures. But University of Washington research shows this measure has a major hitch.

Fact check: Reid wrong on bear-climate change claim

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has said at least twice that climate change is causing bears in the Sierra Nevada mountains to change their hibernation patterns. There is no evidence that climate change is actually having such an effect.

1,800 years of global ocean cooling halted by global warming

Prior to the advent of human-caused global warming in the 19th century, the surface layer of Earth’s oceans had undergone 1,800 years of a steady cooling trend, according to a new study. During the latter half of this cooling period, the trend was most likely driven by large and frequent volcanic eruptions.

Internal Climate Variability or Climate-Warming?

It is becoming a trend in the journal Science – that of publishing articles stating that there is no ‘hiatus’ in annual average global surface temperature. The latest such article is written by Kevin Trenberth of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado.

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