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China Arrested Hackers On US Request: Cyberespionage Tension Defused?

For several years, the U.S. has been complaining of state-sponsored hacking attacks from China which had mostly targeted the country’s hi-tech companies with the aim of stealing secrets and passing them over to Chinese firms. In an attempt to reiterate its stand against cyber stealing, a number of U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies have come up with a list of hackers who they believe should get arrested. China reportedly took the list into consideration and have placed a number of suspects under arrest. The exact number of people that were arrested remained unclear.

UA To Lead New Cybersecurity Center to Protect Nation’s Energy Grid

Thanks to a multimillion dollar award from the U.S. Department of Energy, the University of Arkansas will lead a new national center that will focus on upgrading and protecting the nation’s energy grid from cyber-attacks. University officials said the new educational venture is made possible by a $12.2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, augmented by $3.3 million in matching funds from research partners.

Report: Clinton email server target of cyberattacks from China, Korea and Germany

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s controversial private email server, which she used during her tenure as secretary of State, was the target of cyberattacks from around the globe and was inadequately protected against such attacks, according to media reports published Wednesday.

Report: Iran-based hackers spy using fake LinkedIn profiles

A group of suspected Iranian hackers are using a sophisticated network of fake LinkedIn profiles to spy on unsuspecting targets worldwide — including the U.S. — according to a new report. The fake personas fell into two groups: one set that were fully developed profiles posing as recruiters for major worldwide government contractors and international corporations, and another set that were less developed and designed to lend legitimacy to the primary accounts through endorsements and connections.

Congressman: Chinese hackers tried to steal my identity

After the massive Chinese hack of millions of federal employees’ personnel files and sensitive security clearance information, the government assured victims that there was no evidence the criminals had used their data for fraudulent ends. Now a Virginia congressman says his information is being used in more than one attempted identity-theft scheme.

Cybersecurity is ‘soft underbelly’ of nuclear energy industry, new critical report says

Nuclear energy facilities worldwide are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks as a result of pervasive technical and cultural challenges, including a lack of awareness among leadership about the risks involved, according to a critical report from an international think tank. The report, released Oct. 5 from London-based Chatham House, noted that the International Atomic Energy Agency has taken significant steps to bolster cybersecurity across the sector, but the industry has less experience than others in this field.

U.S. vs. Russia: What a war would look like between the world’s most fearsome militaries

While Russia’s conventional forces are less impressive than its nuclear forces, there are specific conventional areas where the Russians excel — among them aircraft, air defenses, submarines, and electronic warfare.

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