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US, China Have Dueling Definitions of Cybersecurity

One of the most-anticipated outcomes of the president of China’s recent state visit to the United States was an agreement between the two countries on beefing up cybersecurity and putting a halt to economic espionage. But analysts question whether the deal actually can deliver.

Hacking The Grid: Rural Colorado And The Realities Of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity experts like to divide the world into two categories: Those who have been hacked, and those who have been hacked but don’t yet know it. Electric utilities are being hacked: The Department of Homeland Security’s cyber response team reported 79 cyber incidents in the energy sector in 2014 and 145 in 2013, an average of one every three days.

OPM says 5.6 million fingerprints stolen in cyberattack, five times as many as previously thought

One of the scariest parts of the massive cybersecurity breaches at the Office of Personnel Management just got worse: The agency now says 5.6 million people’s fingerprints were stolen as part of the hacks. That’s more than five times the 1.1 million government officials estimated when the cyberattacks were initially disclosed over the summer.

Hacker weighs in on US-China cyber spat

Cybersecurity will be high on the agenda when Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Barack Obama get together during President Xi’s seven-day state visit to the U.S. But far way from the pomp and ceremony, a self-proclaimed hacker huddles in front of a computer in his office in southern China. The former military officer – who would only give his code-named “Prince” – says he’s on the frontline of the global cyber-war.

The Limits of a US-China Cyber Deal

China and the United States are in negotiations over a cyber agreement that would see each side commit not to conduct a cyber first strike against the other country’s critical infrastructure, the New York Times’ David Sanger reports. My colleague Ankit Panda has more on the implications of such a “cyber arms control” agreement, should it be successfully announced during President Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States this week.

Pentagon Races to Boost Cyber Troop Size

As U.S. and Chinese leaders reportedly negotiate red lines in cyberspace, there is a hacker troop build-up playing out in their respective countries. It is believed China’s People’s Liberation Army has the deeper bench, with an estimated 100,000 code warriors recruited over the past two decades, and the world’s most powerful supercomputer. By comparison, U.S. Cyber Command started from near-scratch in 2010 and wants to reach a force size of 6,200 by 2016. But it’s anyone’s guess as to which cyber military has the most aptitude.

China cyber espionage is more than an irritant, must stop: U.S.

U.S. national security adviser Susan Rice on Monday issued a stern warning to China before President Xi Jinping’s visit that state-sponsored cyber espionage must stop, calling it a national security concern and critical factor in U.S.-China relations. “This isn’t a mild irritation, it’s an economic and national security concern to the United States,” she said during remarks at George Washington University.

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