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B.C. coast should brace for ‘monster’ El Nino year: UVic professor

El Nino is a natural, tropical, ocean temperature phenomenon, in which warm water near the equator in the Pacific moves towards South America’s northern coast and then turns northward, as far as Haida Gwaii and Alaska, said Walker. “As warm things expand, we see a higher water level, on the order of tens of centimetres, depending on where you are,” said Walker. “So that’s super imposed on the tides and storms are then superimposed on top of that.”

Ocean, atmospheric conditions over tropical Pacific show signs of strong El Niño, WMO says

Ocean and atmospheric conditions over the tropical Pacific Ocean in August 2015 had characteristics of a strong El Niño, according to a report released this week by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

NOAA predicts below-average hurricane season

The Atlantic Ocean will see a below-average number of hurricanes for the 2015 season due to cooler seas and a strong El Niño effect. Rough Cut

ENSO and the anchovy

If one wishes to gain a “heads-up” as to imminent developments in ENSO and possible beginnings of an el Nino or La Nina event, I would advise turning to the Peruvian anchovy as an important but often overlooked oracle to the oceanography of the anchovy’s home ocean, the Pacific.

Extending climate predictability beyond El Nino

Tropical Pacific climate variations and their global weather impacts may be predicted much further in advance than previously thought, according to research by an international team of climate scientists from the USA, Australia, and Japan. The source of this predictability lies in the tight interactions between the ocean and the atmosphere and among the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Indian Oceans.

No El Nino Until November 2015 Predict Physicists

Potentially significant research that provides a physical explanation for El Nino cycles by linking them to the sun also has major implications for our understanding of the importance of the role of the sun in the climate system more widely and for the implied reliability of climate models

El Nino: BoM Upgrades to El Nino Alert

Chances for a weak El Nino Pacific Ocean warming event manifesting in December or early 2015 have improved in the last two weeks, according to Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BoM).

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