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Report: Clinton email server target of cyberattacks from China, Korea and Germany

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s controversial private email server, which she used during her tenure as secretary of State, was the target of cyberattacks from around the globe and was inadequately protected against such attacks, according to media reports published Wednesday.

Germany Struggles With Too Much Renewable Energy

Since the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, Germany has been one of the few countries that have successfully moved away from nuclear energy. Germany has so far successfully shut down its nine units that had the capacity of generating enough power for at least 20 million homes in Europe. In fact, the contribution of nuclear power in Germany’s electricity generation has now fallen to just 16 percent and renewables are now the preferred source of electricity generation in the country.

NATO Split: Germany Wants to Withdraw Patriot Missiles From Turkey

Military expert of the German CSU party Florian Hahn called for the withdrawal of German Patriot missiles from Turkey due to attacks carried out by the government forces against the Kurds, DWN reported.

Cold Realities Of The DWD German Weather Service’s Warmed Up Press Releases

Germany’s DWD National Weather Service has developed a nasty habit of putting out warmed up press releases for announcing monthly mean data, and then later very quietly revising the data downwards. Result: the public believes that warming is happening when in fact there really isn’t any.

Calamitous Planning: German Wind Parks Overload Power Grid

With the German grid often becoming hopelessly overloaded and with no real expansion in sight, the future looks bleak for wind and solar power systems suppliers.

Russian hackers suspected in cyberattack on German parliament

Prominent Russian hacker group Sofacy is suspected of being behind a cyberattack against the German parliament, an expert has said. The group is also at the center of a French investigation over an attack on TV5 Monde.

German Energy Industry Group Sounds Alarm Over Energy Policy, Warns Of Future Power Shortfalls

Days ago German flagship daily Die Welt here reported that Germany’s energy industry is not happy about the recent developments in the electricity markets. Industry representatives warn that the Energiewende (transition to renewable energies) will not work without conventional power plants.

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