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Raymond James: Natural gas production is slowing, but another boom could be on the way

U.S. natural gas production has been holding steady in 2015, but stalled growth this year won’t erase the huge supply of gas driving down prices, according to the latest analysis by financial services firm Raymond James.

More natural gas for power generation leads to record American consumption in 2015 – EIA

2015 promises to be a record year for American natural gas production, thanks in no small part to high consumption for power generation fueled by low gas prices.
natural gas. The US Energy Information Administration forecasts natural gas prices to remain below $3 per million British thermal units (MMBtu) through November.

Shale Oil’s Retreat Threatens to Leave U.S. Short on Natural Gas

The retrenchment in drilling for U.S. oil is threatening to leave a different market short: natural gas. “The impacts of oil rig counts extend beyond oil: the outlook for U.S. natural gas is critically dependent on the outcome of this balancing act in U.S. oil rigs,” Anthony Yuen, a strategist at Citigroup Inc. in New York, said in a report to clients Wednesday. “If the oil market remains oversupplied and oil-rig counts fall, the decline in associated gas production would leave the market short of gas.”

New ‘Super Giant’ Natural Gas Field Could Be Straw That Breaks OPEC’s Back

A new super-giant natural gas field could prove to be the largest ever discovered on earth and also end up satisfying energy demand in parts of the Middle East and the Mediterranean for decades to come. Italian energy firm Eni made the find off the northern Egyptian coast. According to the company, there could be as much as 30 trillion cubic feet of gas in the Zohr field – equivalent to 5.5 billion barrels of oil. The field covers around 100 square kilometres and is approximately 1,450 metres below ground.

Kremlin: No word yet on Turkish gas pipeline

A source close to Russian energy ministry discussions told state media there are no proposals in the Kremlin from Turkey on a proposed natural gas pipeline. A representative in the Russian Energy Ministry told state news agency ITAR-Tass last week the Kremlin has sent two offers to the Turkish government for consideration on a pipeline project dubbed Turkish Stream.

War on coal? Forget about it! It’s a war on natural gas

In less than a decade, the U.S. has reduced carbon emissions from power plants by 15 percent, mostly by converting from coal to cleaner-burning natural gas — almost half way toward President Obama’s mandate of reducing CO2 by 32 percent by 2030. All that carbon reduction happened without government mandates.

Russia’s Gazprom gas output seen at all-time low in 2015

Russia’s Economy Ministry said on July 28 it expected gas production at Gazprom to decline to 414 billion cubic metres (bcm) this year, an all-time low, due to sluggish demand and a decline in upstream investments.

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