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Russia Threatening Nuclear Standoff In Europe?

Russia has vowed to take countermeasures against the Pentagon’s decision to station new nuclear weapons inside Germany’s territory, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters in Moscow Wednesday. The U.S. move, which Peskov claims will build tensions and create imbalance inside Europe, comes amid building animosity between Russian and the U.S.-led West over Moscow’s actions in Ukraine and its military’s continual probing of Europe’s skies and international waters.

Russia: 7-year cyberwar against Nato, EU and US by Kremlin-sponsored hackers The Dukes exposed

Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a state-sponsored Russian hacking group named “The Dukes” that has allegedly carried out attacks against foreign governments and organisations over a seven year period. A new report, published by Finland-based F-Secure Labs, details how cyberattacks were launched to support Russian intelligence gathering by using malware to infiltrate computer networks and steal information.

What Will the Iran Deal Mean for NATO Missile Defense?

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With the Iran nuclear deal now signed and delivered, are NATO’s missile defense plans obsolete? Not at all, says Azriel Bermant. As NATO officials see it, these defense systems are not directed at any one state and they’re also designed to foil ballistic missiles that are armed with chemical, biological, or conventional warheads.

US to deploy heavy weapons to Poland in 2016

Poland’s defence minister said on Thursday the US would deploy heavy weapons to the EU member next year, as regional tensions run high over Russia and the conflict in Ukraine.

NATO stands in strong solidarity with Turkey: official

NATO continues to stand in strong solidarity with Turkey and to protect the Alliance’s south-eastern border. NATO expects the Allies to review the deployment of the Patriot Missiles batteries in Turkey in the months ahead and the organization will take decisions in due course, a NATO official told Azernews on August 24.

US To Send One More Aegis-Equipped Ship To Mediterranean

Expert says Aegis system offers tactical advantages compared to Patriot system to defend Turkey and other NATO allies against ballistic missile threats The U.S. will send an additional Aegis-equipped ship to the Mediterranean this fall to defend Turkey and other NATO allies against ballistic missile threats.

Syrian missiles ‘could fall into Turkey’: NATO official

Turkey still faces the risk of being hit by Syrian missiles, a NATO official told Anadolu Agency. The claim follows news that the U.S. and Germany will not renew their deployment of missile defense batteries in the country.

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