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Senior USAF commander: Space warfare vital to US military

Washington should invest more in space operations as they become increasingly vital to military missions against “potential adversaries,” says a senior US Air Force commander. “Potential adversaries increasingly understand the level to which the armed forces depend on both space and cyberspace to operate on a global scale,” said Maj. Gen. David Thompson, vice commander for US Air Force Space Command.

Are We on the Cusp of War—in Space?

The world’s most worrisome military flash point is arguably not in the Taiwan Strait, the Korean peninsula, Iran, Israel, Kashmir or Ukraine. In fact, it cannot be located on any globe. The contested territory? The no-man’s-land of Earth’s orbit, where a conflict is unfolding that is an arms race in all but name.

China agrees cooperation with Pakistan in space technology

The Chinese government has agreed with the proposal of Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms Ahsan Iqbal, making the collaboration between Pakistan and China in space technology as part of the Karamay declaration under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

World war brews in space between China, US and Russia

Three leading superpowers: Russia, China and the US are reportedly developing, testing and deploying sophisticated weapons in outer space in advance of a military attack that could see the first great conflict between sparring superpowers in 70 years. A conflict that Popular Science described as “A New Cold War in the Void of Space”.

New IC, DoD Space Center May Take Over From JSPOC

The new Intelligence Community-military space operations center the military is creating may replace the long-established JSPOC, two top commanders said, but a lot has to happen first. The nascent JICSPOC — Joint, Interagency, & Coalition Space Operations Center — will start as an experiment before potentially becoming a backup to JSPOC and then one day, maybe, taking over from it.

War in Space May Be Closer Than Ever

he world’s most worrisome military flashpoint is arguably not in the Strait of Taiwan, the Korean Peninsula, Iran, Israel, Kashmir or Ukraine. In fact, it cannot be located on any map of Earth, even though it is very easy to find. To see it, just look up into a clear sky, to the no-man’s-land of Earth orbit, where a conflict is unfolding that is an arms race in all but name.

If it comes to a war in space, U.S. appears to have the advantage

Quietly and without most people noticing, the world’s leading space powers — the United States, China and Russia — have been deploying new and more sophisticated weaponry in space. Earth’s orbit is looking more and more like the planet’s surface — heavily armed and primed for war. A growing number of “inspection” satellites lurk in orbit, possibly awaiting commands to sneak up on and disable or destroy other satellites. Down on the surface, more and more warships and ground installations pack powerful rockets that, with accurate guidance, could reach into orbit to destroy enemy spacecraft.

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