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Spanish Patriot missiles deployed and working in Turkey’s south, says battery commander

Spainish Patriot air defense missiles have been deployed in the southern Turkish province of Adana, as part of Turkey’s request for NATO assistance on the country’s border with Syria, the head of the Spanish unit in Turkey said on Jan. 26. The battery commander of the Spanish Patriot air defense missile system, Captain Luis Burgos Sanchez, said they have deployed Patriot missiles at the General Recai Engin barracks in Adana.

Spain aims to ensure Turkey’s security: Spanish minister

Spain’s provision of Patriot air defense missiles to Turkey will ensure its security and stability as a NATO ally, Spanish Defense Minister Pedro Morenés has said. Turkey was exposed to terrorist attacks because of its borders with conflict-ridden countries, Morenés told Anadolu Agency on Jan. 16 in Madrid.

Spain to replace Netherlands in Turkey Patriot missile deployment

Spain will send a Patriot anti-ballistic missile battery to Turkey’s southern border with Syria as part of a NATO initiative, Defense Minister Pedro Morenes said on Wednesday, replacing the Netherlands’ contribution to the deployment.

Rota Ready to Receive First NATO Anti-Missile Shield Destroyer

ROTA, Spain – The Rota naval base, in southern Spain, early this next week will welcome the first of the four NATO anti-missile destroyers to be stationed there over the next two years, said U.S. Navy Capt. Greg Pekari.

Spain ends subsidies to nearly 40 percent of its wind energy capacity

Spain has sparked the anger of the wind industry by ending all price subsidies for wind power projects that came online before the end of 2004. More than 8.4 gigawatts of wind power came online in Spain by the end of 2004, meaning they will no longer get subsidized electricity prices.

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