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NATO Split: Germany Wants to Withdraw Patriot Missiles From Turkey

Military expert of the German CSU party Florian Hahn called for the withdrawal of German Patriot missiles from Turkey due to attacks carried out by the government forces against the Kurds, DWN reported.

Obama to try to allay Gulf nation leaders’ fears about Iran

Leaders of Gulf nations unnerved by Washington’s nuclear talks with Iran and Tehran’s meddling across the Mideast look to President Barack Obama to promise more than words and weapons at Thursday’s Camp David summit. They want commitments from Obama that the United States has their backs at a time when the region is under siege from Islamic extremists, Syria continues to unravel, Iraq is volatile and Yemen is in chaos.

Report: Alleged Israeli strike targeted Scud missiles

The target of the alleged Israeli strike in the suburbs of Damascus was a shipment of long-range ground-to-ground missiles, likely of the Scud variety, according to reports in Arab media outlets.

Subsidies may curb Islamic State oil financing

Western supporters fighting the group calling itself the Islamic State should consider subsidizing regional fuels to curb terror financing, a U.S. scholar said.

Iran Building Missile Sites in Syria

Iranian military leaders admitted this week to building and operating missile-manufacturing plants in Syria, where it was also revealed that Tehran is helping to build a secret nuclear facility.

U.S. Sanctions Target N.Korean Arms Trade, Not Cyber Terrorism

The sanctions imposed by President Obama have almost nothing to do with cyber terrorism but instead show U.S. concern with North Korea as an arms exporter to regimes that Washington detests.

Report: Russia to supply Syria with S-300 missiles

Year after Russia-US relations hit low after Putin moves to transfer high-end S-300 missiles to Syria, pro-Assad reports says ‘senior Russian officials stressed their absolute commitment to continue support for Syria in fight against terror.’

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