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Russia’s Move in Syria Threatens Energy Deals With Turkey

Extracurricular activities in Turkish airspace have brought the once promising relationship to a standstill. Not that Russia was ever a slouch, but there’s no denying the recent uptick in activity. As we approach the juicy middle of President Vladimir Putin’s third term, Russia is extending, and fighting for, its interests in nearly every corner of the globe. Somewhat lost amid the bombing in Syria – though hardly unaffected – is Russia’s Turkish gambit.

Turkey to rethink its first long-range air and anti-missile defense system.

With parliamentary elections scheduled for Nov. 1 and defense bureaucracy at a near standstill, some military planners are questioning the wisdom of a controversial Turkish defense contract for the construction of the country’s first long-range air and anti-missile defense system.

NATO stands in strong solidarity with Turkey: official

NATO continues to stand in strong solidarity with Turkey and to protect the Alliance’s south-eastern border. NATO expects the Allies to review the deployment of the Patriot Missiles batteries in Turkey in the months ahead and the organization will take decisions in due course, a NATO official told Azernews on August 24.

Kremlin: No word yet on Turkish gas pipeline

A source close to Russian energy ministry discussions told state media there are no proposals in the Kremlin from Turkey on a proposed natural gas pipeline. A representative in the Russian Energy Ministry told state news agency ITAR-Tass last week the Kremlin has sent two offers to the Turkish government for consideration on a pipeline project dubbed Turkish Stream.

US To Send One More Aegis-Equipped Ship To Mediterranean

Expert says Aegis system offers tactical advantages compared to Patriot system to defend Turkey and other NATO allies against ballistic missile threats The U.S. will send an additional Aegis-equipped ship to the Mediterranean this fall to defend Turkey and other NATO allies against ballistic missile threats.

Future of NATO Patriots in Turkey depends on threat assessment, NATO says

A NATO official has said that the current mandate over the Patriot missile batteries that were deployed to Turkey to enhance the country’s air defense against the Syrian regime about three years ago runs until the end of this year and any decision on the future of this NATO mission will be based on a thorough assessment and any request by Turkey to extend the mission.

Syrian missiles ‘could fall into Turkey’: NATO official

Turkey still faces the risk of being hit by Syrian missiles, a NATO official told Anadolu Agency. The claim follows news that the U.S. and Germany will not renew their deployment of missile defense batteries in the country.

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