Russian missiles ‘hit IS in Syria from Caspian Sea’

Russia says it has launched rocket strikes on Islamic State group targets in Syria from warships in the Caspian Sea – about 1,500km (930 miles) away. Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said four warships fired 26 sea-based cruise missiles on 11 targets, destroying them and causing no civilian casualties.

Eurasian winter cooling in the warming hiatus of 1998–2012

Chao Li, Bjorn Stevens and Jochem Marotzke at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M), have investigated the relative magnitudes of the contributions of surface temperature trends from different latitude bands to the recent warming hiatus. The new study on “Eurasian winter cooling in the warming hiatus of 1998–2012” was published in the Geophysical Research Letters.

Congressman: Chinese hackers tried to steal my identity

After the massive Chinese hack of millions of federal employees’ personnel files and sensitive security clearance information, the government assured victims that there was no evidence the criminals had used their data for fraudulent ends. Now a Virginia congressman says his information is being used in more than one attempted identity-theft scheme.

These are the cruise missiles Russia just sent into Syria

Russian ships fired cruise missiles into Syria on Wednesday, intensifying the military’s campaign there, while Russian artillery and close air support backed a Syrian army ground offensive near the city of Hama. The 26 cruise missiles, launched from ships in the Caspian Sea, traveled more than 900 miles over Iran and Iraq before hitting targets throughout Syria, according to a statement by the Russian Defense Ministry.

Dirt-cheap catalyst may lower fuel costs for hydrogen-powered cars

Researchers seeking to make hydrogen a less expensive fuel for cars have upgraded a catalyst nearly as cheap as dirt — molybdenum disulfide, ‘molly’ for short — to stand in for platinum, a rare element with the moonlike price.

Eight Recent Papers Overshadow CO2 Warming Hypothesis

Recently I posted a number of reports on the powerful correlation between solar activity cycles and historical climate change. Clearly the sun is a driver. The question that remains is what is the mechanism that drives climate. Recently there have been a number of papers showing Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark is on the right path and that global governments, and the hundreds of climate institutes they fund, are hopelessly lost in la-la land.

U.S. oil output on brink of ‘dramatic’ decline, executive says

Oil executives warned on Tuesday of a “dramatic” decline in U.S. production that could pave the way for a future spike in prices if fuel demand increases. Delegates at the Oil and Money conference in London, an annual gathering of senior industry officials, said world oil prices were now too low to support U.S. shale oil output, the biggest addition to world production over the last decade.

Cybersecurity is ‘soft underbelly’ of nuclear energy industry, new critical report says

Nuclear energy facilities worldwide are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks as a result of pervasive technical and cultural challenges, including a lack of awareness among leadership about the risks involved, according to a critical report from an international think tank. The report, released Oct. 5 from London-based Chatham House, noted that the International Atomic Energy Agency has taken significant steps to bolster cybersecurity across the sector, but the industry has less experience than others in this field.

U.S. vs. Russia: What a war would look like between the world’s most fearsome militaries

While Russia’s conventional forces are less impressive than its nuclear forces, there are specific conventional areas where the Russians excel — among them aircraft, air defenses, submarines, and electronic warfare.

Iran says Russia to deliver S-300 missile defense system

The Iranian defense ministry in a statement Monday dismissed media reports claiming problems and impediments to the delivery of the Russian S-300 missile defense system to Iran, stressing that the delivery process is under way.

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