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Uncle Sam’s Right to Know

A long time desire and goal of the telecommunications, Internet and mega-data storage high-tech “industry” – ostensibly in the name of privacy – is to have the marketable ability to store, but simply not be able to retrieve, the encrypted data of its paying customers. And the idea has recently gotten new life: According to […]

Time to “Simmer Down” on Fiscal Crises

Fiscal brinksmanship – those seasonal scenarios during which our government tiptoes to the edge of the latest government shutdown, fiscal cliff, or sequestration – has become as much a part of the Washington political culture as seersucker on summer Thursdays. And thanks to the fact that we have grown accustomed to funding our government through […]

The Myth of Carbon Pollution – Powerpoint presentation

On October 15, 2014 Dr. William Happer, Chairman of the George C. Marshall Institute, discussed “The Myth of Carbon Pollution.” “Carbon pollution” is a propaganda slogan for the campaign against carbon dioxide (CO2). It is not science. Atmospheric CO2 is not a pollutant but is essential for plant growth. Current CO2 levels are far below […]

What’s the Impact of Falling Oil Prices? Only Time Will Tell

The history of oil prices is that they never rise forever and don’t fall forever. The current situation is partially the result of the oil renaissance in the US. Production has reached levels not seen since the early 1970s. This increase represents about 90% of the increase in global production this year. But, this increase […]

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Turkey’s space ambitions may be too ambitious

In a controversial move, Turkey, according to the transport minister, will also inaugurate next month its first satellite launching center. The UFS (in its Turkish acronym) will also be used as a satellite test and integration facility. It will be operated by the Turkish Air Force.

In Key Midterm Races, Democrats Sound Like Republicans on Climate Issue

In several critical races, particularly in energy-producing states, Democratic candidates’ stated climate change beliefs somewhat echo their Republican opponents’. Most toe the party line and accept the idea that the world is warming, but resist action that could theoretically harm their home-state economies, such as cutting fossil fuels.

Chip-and-PIN increases cybersecurity

In Russia alone, stolen payment card information is a $680 million-per-year industry, according to Moscow-based security company Group IB. With that much money to be made, it’s no wonder why cyber-attacks are so common. And who are Russian hackers’ biggest target? The United States. Researchers analyzed just one of many sophisticated underground data-swapping sites and found that data from five million of the seven million cards offered up originally came from Americans.

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