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Environmentalists Promote Poverty and No Economic Growth

There is a long history demonstrating that free trade promotes economic growth and that as nations move up the economic latter and become wealthier they invest more in environmental protection. Opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership is very short sighted. The basic objective of the agreement is to remove barriers to trade, improve investment opportunities, and […]

Correspondent of the Day: Column disguises opinions as facts

The following is a letter by William O’Keefe, CEO of the Marshall Institute published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch: Editor, Times-Dispatch: It is distressing that Mona Sarfaty and Marybeth Montoro use their medical and public health backgrounds to mask a political agenda. In their Op/Ed column, “Climate change is harming our health,” they assert that allergy […]

In Defense of Space Control

Speaking on April 15 about the growing threat from China, Russia, and others against U.S. military satellites at the 31st National Space Symposium, Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work told his audience that, “[w]hile we rely heavily on space capabilities, in both peace and war, we must continue to emphasize space control as challenges arise.” […]

Corker-Menendez Iran Bill Better Be Just A First Step

Supporters of the Obama administration Iran deal have had a rough couple weeks. The bipartisan passage of the Corker-Mendez bill (the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015) out of the Foreign Relations Committee, conveyed in no uncertain terms that Congress is concerned enough about this deal to insist it have a voice. It also raises the question: how […]

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The Calbuco eruption adds another layer to climate debate

The Calbuco eruption is a wake-up call for “consensus” global warming theory climate scientists; it shows that geologic forces eclipse man-made global warming, adding another layer to the climate debate.

If OPEC is dead, how is Saudi Arabia still calling the shots in the oil market?

The last 11 months have been an unlikely journey for oil, with its widely unanticipated price dive, Saudi Arabia’s uncharacteristic refusal to stem the bloodletting, and financial havoc for petro-powers and energy companies. But as improbable as the journey has been, it is not over.

Is a Black Swan Event Quietly Brewing in Renewable Energy?

A black swan event is rarely a single event. Instead, it is a number of occurrences that happen in unison to create an unpredicted outcome. For a black swan event to hit the renewable energy industry, I think it would need to be led by a further decline in fossil fuel prices. Natural gas and coal are the two most direct competitors to solar electricity, but the impact of oil on the solar market shouldn’t be understated.

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