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EPA Admits to Senate that CO2 Regs Not About Pollution Control

I usually don’t comment on what transpires in congressional hearings. But this is too good to pass up. On Wednesday, before the Senate EPW Committee, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy had this priceless quote regarding the EPA’s proposed carbon dioxide regulations (italics added): “And the great thing about this proposal is it really is an investment […]

Pat Host of Defense Daily Comments on “National Security Space Launch and the Industrial Base: Issues and Opportunities”

RD-180 Study Committee Adviser Approves Of DoD’s Pace Toward New Engine An adviser to the chairs of the Defense Department’s RD-180 study committee approved of the pace the Pentagon is taking toward developing a new rocket engine as a key lawmaker calls for DoD to accelerate its progress. Josh Hartman, CEO of Horizon Strategies Group, said […]

June 2014 Update of SSM/I Ocean Products

The SSM/I and SSMIS series of microwave imagers, operating since July 1987, provide global oceanic measurements of total vertically integrated water vapor, cloud water, rain rate, and surface wind speed. These are useful for studying how the maritime atmosphere varies due to El Nino and La Nina, as well as provides ~27 year trends for […]

Science Not Pseudo Science

The form of the question is a strong reason to keep the federal government out of setting standards for teaching climate change science. Paraphrasing Mark Twain, if you don’t read or listen to the popular media, you will be uninformed and if you read or listen to it, you’ll be misinformed. Any effort to teach […]

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Millennial-Scale Climate Variability During the Holocene

In a study recently published in Paleoceanography, Khider et al. (2014) write “although we cannot totally discount the volcanic and solar forcing hypotheses, we are left to consider that the most plausible source for Holocene millennial-scale variability lies within the climate system itself.”

A brief history of climate panic and crisis… both warming and cooling

From But Now You Know. There is most certainly a pattern to climate change…but it’s not what you may think: For at least 120 years, climate “scientists” have been claiming that the climate was going to kill us…but they have kept switching whether it was a coming ice age, or global warming.

Moscow may walk out of nuclear treaty after US accusations of breach

Russia may be on the point of walking out of a major cold war era arms-control treaty, Russian analysts have said, after President Obama accused Moscow of violating the accord by testing a cruise missile.

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