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Hope Springs Eternal

Every time in the run up to one of these climate summits, there are expressions that this time the outcome will be different and each time the summit ends with a lot of rhetoric but not much in the way of substance. Why should it be different this time around? The reasons cited in the […]

10 Ways To Tell Tuesday’s UN Climate Summit Isn’t About Climate

Next Tuesday’s UN climate conference in NYC (called Climate Summit 2014) is for politicians, celebrities, and rent seekers. It’s not about climate science, nor Saving the Earth from “carbon emissions” of fossil fuels. Here are ten ways to tell the United Nations really isn’t interested in climate per se. Some of us suspected over 20 […]


Judith Curry’s Powerpoint presentation on “State of the Climate Debate”

State of the Climate Debate header

Judith Curry: State of the Climate Debate

I have devoted 30 years to conducting research on a range of topics related to climate change, including climate of the Arctic, the role of clouds and aerosols in the climate system, and the climate dynamics of extreme weather events.  As President of Climate Forecast Applications Network (CFAN) LLC, I have worked with decision-makers on […]

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Global change: Trees in Central Europe continue to grow at a faster rate, long-term study finds

Trees in Central Europe have been growing significantly faster since the 1960s. The typical development phases of trees and stands have barely changed, but they have accelerated — by as much as 70 percent. This was the outcome of a study based on long-term data from experimental forest plots that have been continuously observed since 1870.

Kendall: Budget Gimmicks Won’t Fix Nuclear Deterrent

Talk about a radioactive issue. Top officials in Air Force, Navy, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense keep talking about how there is no higher priority than the nation’s nuclear deterrent. It’s so crucial, they all say, that someone else should pay for it.

France may pip US in race for India missile deal

France may pip the United States by entering into joint production and co-development of short range air defence missiles with India through transfer of know-how and technology.

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