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U.S. Energy Exports Are Fundamental Global Energy Security

Very rarely does Congress put the level of effort and attention into one topic as they have in debating domestic energy exports. But rightfully so. The shale oil and natural gas revolution has dramatically changed the U.S. energy portfolio in ways most could not have predicted and our current policies tuned to the notion of […]

15 Years of CERES Versus Surface Temperature: Climate Sensitivity = 1.3 deg. C

The NASA CERES project has updated their EBAF-TOA Edition 2.8 radiative flux dataset through March of 2015, which now extends the global CERES record to just over 15 years (since March 2000, starting with NASA’s Terra satellite). This allows us to get an update of how the radiative budget of the Earth responds to surface […]

Commentary: Greece and Puerto Rico: Looking at the Future

George Santayana famous quote about those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it, should be taken very seriously by our federal government and our economic situatiion. The economie disasters in Greece and Puerto Rico are analogous to looking in the mirror. Both have piled debt upon debt, have low labor participation […]

New Pause-Busting Temperature Dataset Implies Only 1.5 C Climate Sensitivity

Amid all of the debate over whether the global warming pause/hiatus exists or not, I’d like to bring people back to a central issue: Even if it has warmed in the last 15 years, the rate of surface warming (and deep-ocean warming) we have seen in the last 50 years still implies low climate sensitivity. […]

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North Korea Missiles Fired From Yemen Into Saudi Arabia, South Korean Official Says

Twenty Scud missiles fired by Yemeni rebels into Saudi Arabia in recent months were bought from North Korea, a South Korean intelligence official told Yonhap News on Wednesday. The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, did not give further details as to how South Korean intelligence had reached that conclusion, though officials in South Korea and the U.S. have long been aware that North Korea sold missiles to other nations.

Empowering America: How Energy Abundance Can Strengthen US Global Leadership

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Chairwoman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resource Committee, and Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), co-chaired the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center’s US Energy Boom and National Security task force, which convened foreign policy, defense, and energy experts. The experts assessed how the United States can strengthen American leadership, advance international security, and promote global prosperity by leveraging necessary hydrocarbon export policies and deploying US prowess in energy innovation and technology to others.

Reproducible research for biofuels, biogas

New research presents a virtual package of data for the production of biogas, which is promising for use in biofuels. Biogas is the production of methane through the anaerobic digestion (fermentation) of organic matter. The work here provides not only an enormous amount of, freely available, data; but is also presented in a reproducible, reusable containerized form, allowing scientists to recreate the experiments at the touch of a button.

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